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Yeah, we know we're fine.

the question is, are you?

tiny y cara
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A little vanity never hurt anyone.

xo. Hot sex? Yes. .ox

This is a rating community. If you get a no, or get rejected, don't bitch and insult other people. You're the one being judged, remember? This is where you actually do judge a book by it's cover. It's not called personalityxcore or coolxcore, it's called glamxcore. So glam it up. You don't have to be "scene", diversity owns here. Side Note. If you get rejected, you may try again in a weeks time with new pictures.

xo. Hot fashion? Yes. .ox

Rules for posting newcomers

.O1. Post at least two pictures {more if you want}. If you're going to post more, make sure two of them are of your face. As a newcomer you're welcome to post jeans, shirts, shoes, etc., but we want two face shots.
.O2. Do not comment on any board OTHER than you're own. You can post all you want on your board. Just don't be a cunt because we're better at it.
.O3. Heard of something called live journal cut? I betcha you have. Use it. You can leave one small picture out of the LJ cut if you want, and leave the rest in it, but that's just pointless. Yes, to each his own.
.O4. Put somewhere inside the post that you're new.
.O5. Dont fucking comment until you've been accepted. And when your accepted you will get a stamp -gasp-, if your rejected, you'll get the ugly stamp. Boo fuckin' hoo.
.O6. Respect your fucking mods, yeah,we're uber bitches but deal with it. Any disrespected and your ass will be banded so damn fast. Don't test us
.O7. To show that you've read the rules, put this at the top or bottom of your post. Foamy owns me.

xo. Hot kiddies? Yes. .ox

Rules for stamped members.

.O1. There is no limit to how many times you can post a week. Not all posts must contain pictures if you're stamped, but enlighten us on your beauty every once in a while.
.O2. You will not be deleted if you become inactive as long as you give us a reason or some warning. If you can't do that, we will wait until you come back for an explanation or delete you when we do a whole community sweep up, which won't be very often.
.O3. You don't have to be perfect angels, but try not to pick fights with each other.

xo. Hot kiddies? Yes. .ox

xo. Hot as shit. .ox
your mods are Carmen, xroughdraftx and Courtnee, teeniie_